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Photovoltaics is nothing else than the conversion of solar radiation energy into electricity.The phenomenon of photovoltaic conversion takes place in energy generators called photovoltaic panels. Solar panels produce direct current. To be able to use it the installation should be equipped with an inverter that transform direct current into alternating current, which has a frequency and voltage that meets the requirements of the home electrical network. In the age of the struggle for a clean environment, photovoltaic is an ideal source of clean energy obtained directly from solar radiation. Apart from its ecological aspect, the photovoltaics installation is also a very good investment with a short payback time on the efforts used for the construction  An investment  ensure a safe capital investment. Construction on which we have a real impact and which provides the investor with independence, stability and energy security..

  • energy independence
  • quick payback on investment
  • safety, ecology
  • at least 25 years of operation of the installation
  • no emission of pollution and noise
  • energy independence
  • professional advice on the selection of photovoltaics modules
  • installation size consultancy
  • professional and efficient assembly
  • help in completing the formalities
  • Professional assembly and guarantee up to 5 years
  • quick payback on investment
  • safety
  • at least 25 years of operation of the installation
  • reduction of electricity bills

Wind turbines

Wind energy is one of the renewable energy sources. Modernly used wind turbines transform it into mechanical energy, which is further converted into electricity. Wind turbines can complement photovoltaics. In the case when photovoltaics produces less energy, and this happens in winter periods, then wind turbines reach their nominal parameters of electricity production due to higher wind speeds in the autumn and winter time. Photovoltaic and wind turbine generation sets are called hybrid.

Wind turbines can also be an alternative to generating energy in places where a solar installation cannot be built.

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We are open to cooperation with companies assembly of photovoltaics and wind turbines.

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